10 junio 2006

Photo Project

Besides my graphic subjects I also have Photography and, last week, I had the deliver of my project and next monday I'll have the presentation...
These are some of the photos of the project. It's about the traditional jobs of my village and how they are desappearing. All the photos are analog and developped in a matt fibre paper.


03 junio 2006


I know, the name is an "easy name", but it's the name of the exhibition... We (the students) didn't decide it, it was the designer (teacher)...
The last part of the seminar was an exhibition. It was in the gallety of my school and the aim was to show what we did during the classes and the application on a 75x75cm Display of our brand, stamp or whatever we did. Besides the displays, there were our personal cards hanging in a clothe line at the room and, a vidio projection with pictures, photos and some cards... We were 16 people taking part of it.

The first picture is the flyer and the others are from the gallery.