30 marzo 2008


This is a little exhibition in a cabinet display at school.
They chose our project to show it!!

24 marzo 2008

Type Experiment

This is the first type I have ever done… well, it's not exactly a font because it isn't useful but I wanted to do something like a "ribbon font".

14 marzo 2008

Berlin Export Presentation

Some pictures of the presentation at Elisava a few weeks ago.

07 marzo 2008


When we started the classes in October the aim was to develop a project. We had 4 months to do it and a key word as well. It was "hybrid city". We were pairs and each one of us chose a city that she lived in.

I started working with Mónica (my co-worker) in a project about Valencia and Berlin, and we came up with the idea of making an event/exhibition in Valencia about Berlin. So, we thought in a concept to develop all the visual communication for the event and we realized that the exportation fitted perfectly with the idea of move a city to an other city.

Here are some examples of what we show two weeks ago in the final presentation and some images of the process.


This is also a class work.
Every week we had to analyze the visual system of a project and then, make our own interpretation of the system. I analyzed a system focused in the production. The project was done in woodcut and I choose the linoleum to do my print tests.


This was one of the first little works I did for class. There was a TOPIC (it was crisis) and we had to do something to describe it. There was an other rule, we had to do 2 versions; one with typography and the other one with images.

I tried to show a very critical moment of "crisis" of the history.

"back to work"

Now is probably a year an a half since the last post but I'll try to start this blog thing again and upload some works and projects that I'm doing in for class.

I hope it works!