26 mayo 2008

Festival of Chaumont — Workshops Exhibition

So, this is the poster I did and some pictures from the workshop poster exhibition at the "Subsistances"

Festival of Chaumont — Workshops

Theme: “We, men and women”

Seven Workshops, along the topic “We, men and women” hosted 105 students from around the world, and were led by Majid Abbasi (Iran–Director of the Tehran Poster Biennale), Anschlaege (Germany), Nicholas Blechman (USA), Doppelpunkt (Germany), Kiko Farkas (Brazil), Igor Gurovich (Russia) and Juliette Weisbuch (France).
We were waiting for the workshops and here we are, back in Spain after an incredible week in Chaumont… After the "3 working poster days" we had some free time to hang out in the town and see all the exhibitions at the festival.

Here are some pictures about the process of the poster.