06 noviembre 2008

Oscar Wilde book project

This is the final project I did for the Master. We had to choose a writer and design a book with three different kind of texts from the author. I choose Oscar Wilde and I took "The picture of Dorian Gray" novel, a little book of poems called "Poems" from 1981 and an introduction text from a Spanish writer.

I tried to develop a design based on the author's personality (aesthete, mystic and exhibitionist). For the cover I used a very eye-catching Japanese cloth to represent the exuberance of Wilde throughout his life.

Pictures by: Las Coleccionistas



OpenID arcadiane said...

This is so beautiful! I don't dare hope it will ever be for sale? I'm such a lover of gorgeous books and I can't find any edition for Dorian Gray that fits the greatness of the text...

5 de enero de 2011, 0:15  

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