19 noviembre 2010

Ki/Ko Identity

Ki/Ko is a small atelier based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is dedicated on the tailoring, colour-manipulation, folding, design of textile garments and accesories. With multiple uses and functions that deliver "hi-class" and unique fashion items.

Wrapping paper ——————>

Details of the screen printing ——————>

Rouge Identity Redesign

While doing the CD compilation I try to redesign the logo of the bar.

18 noviembre 2010

Colección de Emociones

Design for a new CD compilation of ambient/electronic music called, "Colección de emociones" for Rouge Bar (very nice place here in Barcelona). More about the music here.
For the moment I'm on a course of silk-screen printing so the CDs are printed with the technique. More about silk-screen here.

Some details ————————>

Hand made screen printing CD ————————>