06 noviembre 2008


Some visual images about the incoming of my mail inbox.

Oscar Wilde book project

This is the final project I did for the Master. We had to choose a writer and design a book with three different kind of texts from the author. I choose Oscar Wilde and I took "The picture of Dorian Gray" novel, a little book of poems called "Poems" from 1981 and an introduction text from a Spanish writer.

I tried to develop a design based on the author's personality (aesthete, mystic and exhibitionist). For the cover I used a very eye-catching Japanese cloth to represent the exuberance of Wilde throughout his life.

Pictures by: Las Coleccionistas


Valencia Crea 2008 PRIZE

I am very happy to announce that Mónica and me won a prize in the Valencia Crea competition with our BERLIN EXPORT project!! We won the National Prize in the Corporate Communication category.
The prize-giving ceremony took place in the Heineken Greenspace of Valencia on the 23th of October, and there was an exhibition of all the winners of the competition.
Thank you Marina for picking up our diploma!!