02 septiembre 2006


It's been a long summer without any post but I've been lazy or away to do it...

This is the last project that I did at University... now it's over, I mean the university, not the project, he he... This is all about MetroValencia. I tried to create kind of new pictograms, kind of new image for the Valencia's Metro.
Here it's a few of them and also, the "funny" part of the project, the "noSignals". What can it happen if any of these signs would be at the underground??, that was my question in the beginning of the work.



Anonymous Anónimo said...

Tia siempre me dices que te ponga algo, ya sabes que te has pasado con el perro y el bebe, no? curratelo un poquico más la próxima vez...

4 de septiembre de 2006, 17:25  
Anonymous tirori said...

yoni hago señalesssssssss

4 de septiembre de 2006, 18:46  

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