05 febrero 2011

The perfect is the enemy of the good

Some more screen-printing practicing. This time for a Christmas card I did for friends and family.
"The better is the enemy of the good", La Bégueule, Voltaire, 1772.

————————> Making Off:

19 noviembre 2010

Ki/Ko Identity

Ki/Ko is a small atelier based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is dedicated on the tailoring, colour-manipulation, folding, design of textile garments and accesories. With multiple uses and functions that deliver "hi-class" and unique fashion items.

Wrapping paper ——————>

Details of the screen printing ——————>

Rouge Identity Redesign

While doing the CD compilation I try to redesign the logo of the bar.

18 noviembre 2010

Colección de Emociones

Design for a new CD compilation of ambient/electronic music called, "Colección de emociones" for Rouge Bar (very nice place here in Barcelona). More about the music here.
For the moment I'm on a course of silk-screen printing so the CDs are printed with the technique. More about silk-screen here.

Some details ————————>

Hand made screen printing CD ————————>

26 octubre 2010

One more year

Acto Inaugural
Pamphlet with the scheduling of the day

Building Type Poster
Poster for the exhibition of a workshop called "Building Type" where the students had to build a word in 3D.

Folletos 2010 Elisava
Editorial project, catalogs of the Elisava courses. Three brochures; one corporate, one for the university studies and another for the postgraduate degrees.

La Boda dels Petits Burguesos

Image development for the work of Elisava Theater Group.
Poster, invitations and program.

Marian Bantjes
Conference Poster

Nice to meet you
Portfolio 2008. Editorial project as a compilation of work done during my Masters studies in graphic design.

On Mr. Milá's Bench
Publication design for the exhibition "On Mr. Mila's Bench" held in Elisava. The publication consists of two parts, one with the students' projects as an unfolded poster and the other with the work of Mila.


Christmas greeting card

Disseny Avançat Catalog
Publication for exhibition
"Interactive Environments."

Small publication for Elisava and Companies

All the pictures of this post are by: Las Coleccionistas